Fitness & Training

We all know what this is and we all know that generally it involves lots of boring hours in the gym, but it doesn’t have to. Personally, I’m curious, and I like going out for a run to see what I can see and, believe me, I’ve seen some pretty strange things, such as a team of huskies pulling a quad bike along a track up in the hills near to St Tropez! I also like to be out there on my own, so the notion of running a marathon with several thousand other folks doesn’t float my boat at all.

There are hundreds of ways to get and stay fit and variety is good for you: running, yoga, pilates, swimming, playing golf, skiing, walking…they can all produce positive results and they can all be fun. What’s important is that you do what you enjoy most and achieves your objectives rather than someone else’s. Personally, I like my body to do whatever I ask of it physically, with relative ease (though challenges are good) and better, faster, higher etc. than anyone else – not much to ask really. For me, there has to be some seriously hard slog involved somewhere, otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve done anything.

However, I do appreciate that not everyone shares my philosophy on this one! Equally, what may be a walk in the park to me, is hard slog to someone else, and it’s hard to sustain your motivation if you’ve yet to experience the benefits of being fit. And that’s the best bit: from helping someone climb that hill without giving in and stopping; seeing someone able to get back on their skis easily after falling over (one of the biggest sources of exhaustion for beginners); or getting the phone-call to say that they sprang out of the bath that morning and have just played the best round of golf they can remember (even though they’re 66!).